His and Hers To Do list

Today is still simmering in my brain... It being superbowl weekend, I won't have a lot of free time. There are preperations to make, menu planning with TOG (or a last minute food run to Costco) and house prep. If I had my way however, my list would look like this:

  • clean desk in office
  • Design and install new banner for blog
  • Finish book keeping for 07 and prep for taxes
  • clean downstairs
  • plan menu for superbowl
  • Shop for superbowl menu
  • plant bulbs I just bought
  • wash dogs
  • Make easy dinner Saturday night
  • Get up and make breakfast
  • Get food going in the crock pots so you don't have to cook later
  • Ponder what desserts to make
  • Send TOG to the Pub for beverages
  • Welcome guests
  • Watch three hours of pregame and four hours of football
  • Clean Kitchen

Because I have to factor in TOG's preferences, who is a self admitted restless soul, it actually looks like this:

  • Wish you had time to clean your desk
  • Listen to TOG explain I tunes again- wish you understood it....
  • Help TOG put shelves up in his room
  • Be talked out of bulb planting
  • Be hurried out the door without washing your hair, told to put a hat on...
  • Go for a drive up to the mountains to see the snow and terrorize the Chihuahuas
  • Come home and wash the dogs
  • Try to figure out what's for dinner
  • Watch Ninja Warrior and UFC
  • Get up and throw the house together Sunday morning
  • Rush to Costco with the rest of Puget Sound residents and buy whatever ready-made food they have since there's no time to cook
  • Swing by the pub on the way home and get a to go jug of beer
  • Watch three hours of pregame and four hours of football
  • Clean up kitchen

Not that one is right and one is wrong, just that I enjoy our differences! Either way it's the weekend! What are you doing?