A prince of a guy....

It's true that Valentines Day has come and gone. In the course of feeling so lousy last week, you may not have noticed the heart felt post that I put up regarding TOG. Oh, I didn't post that? Let me just take care of that now. Can't have you thinking I don't dig TOG...

First of all, some basic facts. The Olde Goat is his preferred name. He asked that I refer to him as such in the blogge. I can't help but wonder what he might call me if he had a blogge, but he's at the top of my list of people least likely to blogge! Secondly, we've been married for more than half our lives. I'm...well... I'm young! How old am I again K1? (You know you're my favorite!) Well, TOG is 52 and we'll be married 28 years this year! It's funny that I don't feel old until I consider how long I've been married and then I'm ready to bust out the walker. Thirdly, we are best friends, which is a wonderful thing to be!

In honor of the mandated day of love... Valentine Day AND my promise to do lists next month, here's a little ode to TOG... All the reasons I like him best!

  • You'll never go to the pub with anyone else that a) knows his ales better b) has more fun!
  • He's adventuresome... he's always thinking of a new hike, a different bike ride, a better place to fish!
  • He's an excellent dad that has a very clear vision of his role. He's interested and focused and fun!
  • He really appreciates food. If you make his favorite meal, you'll hear all about it!
  • He's an excellent financial planner. Long range fiscal plan...check! Monthly budget...check! Guerrilla bill payer... check!
  • He's romantic when you least expect it!
  • Mr. Practical can be very extravagant... coaching about how frugal we need to be over the holidays and then buying his beloved a very expensive camera that she told him they could not afford...  ahem...
  • He's always up for a show... Comedy, Concert, Sports or the occasional Cirque du Soleil. I swear one of his favorite phrases to hear or say is "I bought tickets"!
  • He's dependable. Other than the one time he called me to say he was quitting his job that day, this is a guy that goes to work each day, plans his days off well in advance and doesn't go out and blow his paycheck on a new fishing pole!

The thing I appreciate about TOG the most is his willingness to get in the trenches with you. From the challenges of dealing with our daughter's disability, as well as the challenge of raising teens... this guy is there. I think the biggest thing for me has been the last few years as we try to figure out my asthma. Both of us have been frustrated and angry at times. I can't think of a single area of our lives that it hasn't impacted, and it's challenging for the spouse that doesn't have it. But he's really worked with me on identifying the things I can do and accepting (finally) the things I cannot. And he's made serious efforts to challenge me to achieve better health, better care and better medicines. Finally, even though we acknowledge that there are boundaries, he's really encouraged me to do more within my scope of possibilities and he's almost more excited than I am over celebrating things I can do!

So TOG... Thanks for the adventure, the romance, the spontaneity, and the support. As best friends go, you're the cream of the crop... tip of the top! Love you!