I've been a little off track since work yesterday. My husband unexpectedly had yesterday evening off and took me out to dinner for Valentines since we won't see each other today. Unfortunately I think something I ate for lunch yesterday has disagreed with me. The worst appears to be over, and now I just have a bit of a headache. Dang it... I also had to be into work quite early this morning and did not have time to post. So here I am, sipping some tea and wishing someone would pull the vice from my head.

Without further ado... The winners of the Make Asthmagirl (and her readers) Laugh contest is:

Mental Pause Mama!!

In the words of K1:

The best one I thought was the Airplane post, sent in by Mental P Mama.

Mine is from the movie "Airplane." The control tower scene when they are looking at the radar and someone asks: "What do you make of it?" The gay controller starts flitting around saying "Well, I could make a hat, a brooch or a pteradactyl." All the while he is skipping all over and placing his hand over his heart for the brooch, his head for hat and flutter-hands for the flying pteradactyl. So damn funny. To this day, anyone who knows me well will not ask me "What I make" of anything--they know the show I'll give them.

Posted by: Mental P Mama | February 11, 2008 at 04:58 PM

A special mention for Karate Mom who posted:

However, here's the funniest use of a movie quote I've witnessed: I was sitting between my kids, pretending to sob. My son, who is 4, grabs my arm and says, "What has brought you to this looooowly state?" All three of us wail a little bit more, and then he says in a weak, whispery voice, "Soap....poisioning!" and drops his head onto my arm. (Quotes from "A Christmas Story", which we've apparantly seen too many times!) It flat cracked me UP!

It was a very close second. There you go mom. Love you.

I would like to add my own mention to the post from Dlyn:

All of my fav lines are probably Monty Python quotes - my all time fave though is this exchange:
"He must be a king."
"How can you tell he's king?"
"He hasn't got any shit on him."
Strange though it may seem, there are unlimited ways that these lines apply to life. Unlimited. :)

Anyway... Mental Pause Mama, I'll be sending your e-gift certificate shortly- as soon as I pull the spike out of my brain.

Thank you so much to everyone that entered. I've have enjoyed laughing my butt off! Contests are so fun! I'm closing with this 'ha ha' my dad sent me (It was his birthday yesterday) and then I'm going to go take a butt load of tylenol and get through the rest of the day here at work. Thanks again everyone!