My eyes! My eyes!

You know how it is when you like a product and they never change it and you love that about them and then they do and it's ruined? That's where I'm at with eyeliner. I've been using liquid liner for about 10 years now and I love it because it doesn't smudge (apparently I have sweaty eye lids) and it stays where I put it. I used smoke color so it wasn't some sixties Carnaby Street/Go Go boot nightmare! Well, they changed the "packaging" when I bought a new one last month. The thing ran out of ink last week. I thought perhaps it was a fluke and bought another one last week. Worked great. For five days. When it ran out of ink. Again. I bought a different brand in Charcoal. Yesterday I looked like Nancy Sinatra. Grrr. Why couldn't they leave well enough alone? Does anyone have any recommendations for a liquid liner (brush or felt tip) in smoke (blue gray) that doesn't lay out a line so thick a drunk could walk it? Oh... I mean 'sobriety challenged'. Wouldn't wish to offend!


Now... there've been some excellent entrails entries in the Make Me Laugh contest.


I have some favorites and that's probably a really good reason to coerce blackmail get someone to volunteer as a judge. No matter how much K1 loves me, she won't allow me to influence her vote. All the more reason some of you who've been visiting should pop back and enter! This is a clean contest! No shady stuffing of the ballot box when your not looking. No hanging chads (sorry Amy)...


If you've never posted before, it doesn't matter. There's no ryhme nor reason here... I've just got money to burn *cough gasp cough*and I want to blow it on my fellow bloggers! Beats blowing it on liquor and fast women! Or another Chihuahua. Or shoes. Or that new camera lens I've been wanting. Or a new eyeliner every week.... You get the picture! Today is the last day! Enter now! Make me laugh! But not so hard I wheeze. I laughed that hard at Brian Regan... And at Frank Caliendo. Thank goodness for inhalers!

And tune in tomorrow... not only for the contest announcement (the preasure is on K1!) but for one of my family's favorite recipes. Now, Make Me Laugh! Address to contest is /is_my_cape_fluttering/2008/02/are-you-ready.html