You're Fabulous!


Well, maybe not fabulous like Las Vegas, but you get the idea. K1 and I are really enjoying your entries thus far. (this early in the morning I started to type entrails... not good) Thanks so much for sharing what makes you laugh!


I have noticed quite a bit of traffic on the old meter. If you've visited and gone away to think about your entry, do hurry back. We miss you... The link to the contest is /is_my_cape_fluttering/2008/02/are-you-ready.html

Now, a couple of answers to questions... yes, you may enter as often as you like. Got more than one funny... use 'em up! Also, although K1 prefers quotes with a little context, as long as it makes her laugh you've got it made! She's far more discerning than I am... if you say any line from Princess Bride or Airplane to me (or Robin Hood-Men in Tights or Young Frankenstein or Meaning of Life... the list goes on) I fall on the floor laughing. That's why she's the judge and I'm not.

Ahem... finally, it's come to my attention that my son-in-law reads my blog each morning. Hey Joe! Not that anything of poor taste ever happens here... I checked my rating and I'm G... how boring is that? It's just a little disconcerting that my SIL is watching me cut loose every morning. Up til now, we've mostly related on a food level... I cook it and he eats it (a lot of it). Well, then there's books and travel and I helped him get the job he currently has... I guess I just wasn't aware he was watching the playful stuff each morning... or the venting... or whatever else I've posted each day. Sigh...

Okay... if you haven't entered yet (Joe) please feel free to help each other laugh (mainly me). Deadline is Wednesday night (or so). Have a great day!