It's the end of the world as we know it!

This morning my husband emailed me to tell me that these were on sale and didn't they look comfortable?


You'll have to excuse the stunned look on my face... I can remember the time that I caught my foot in the door going to work and tore the strap on my favorite pair of heels. I was running late and had to rush to work so I had no choice but to limp to the shoe store across the street and buy shoes on my break. I tried to find a very inexpensive pair. When I came home he zeroed in my feet immediately and in his best Spanish Inquisition voice asked "New Shoes?". I hurried to explain what had happened and how the shoe was flopping around on my foot and how I might have broken my ankle if I hadn't replaced the shoes (now in the garbage at work after a suitably mournful ceremony). He looked at me like I was the most frivolous woman on the planet and then grabbed my hand and pulled me down the driveway to the back yard saying "wait til you see what I bought today!". It happened to be a 3 foot deep above ground pool which it turns out was a great investment because we used it for like 8 years.

But the image of him looking at my $19.95  bargain replacement heels like I'd squandered our nest egg has stayed with me for all these years... in a humorous way! To have him sending me shoe sales via email because he is (gasp) shopping on line... I'm almost (but not quite) speechless!

If you do read this beloved, I mean it in the most harmless way. You're charming and complex and I never know what you will do next. And you look great in shades!


Love, Asthmagirl