The wretched tree... Part Deux

Wretched tree

Well, the tree stayed up for 48 hours, so last night K3 and I went in to redecorate it. The tree was again leaning precipitously. We tried to tighten the big bolt TOG put in Saturday night, and then I noticed that the bolt had made the crack in the stand much bigger and that the tree was leaning more and not less. So off we went to the hardware store where our choices were the same stand that had just broken or the cast iron one for triple the price. I'm an optimist, so I bought the same one. Imagine my glee when it rang up at half off!

We got back to the house and as I installed the bolts, I began to wonder how we were going to get the monster tree from one stand to the other. TOG was working and it was just K3 and I! So I called my daughter and asked if I could borrow my son-in-law. They were gullible kind enough to come over and help! With SIL on the tree and K1 and I under the tree bolting it in, the process went better than I could have hoped. We decorated for about an hour and just got too tired to finish. If the tree is still up, we'll finish tonight! These festivities really wear a girl out.... Really, decorating the tree once per year should be enough! 

Just to counteract all the tree falling over negativity, the upside is that I've had a ton of "face time" with that tree and it hasn't triggered a single reaction. My asthma is loving this tree! If only it would stay upright. Off to check on the new stand!

Oh! Over on the cooking blog today is one of our favorite cookies for the holidays. Although not festive in the classical sense, it's one of our most requested cookies and the hardest to stop eating! Enjoy!

Asthmagirl out!

PS ~ In the process of the tree transfer, we found more pieces of the "deceased angel" last night. Thank goodness for the vacuum cleaner!