Holiday Reality (and a surprise!)

I had hoped that today's post would be less reality and more holiday, but it was not to be!

Yesterday, we went through the process of acquiring this year's Christmas tree, slaughtering trimming it to fit our ceiling height, and installing it in the living room. Oh yes, we decorated it too! During the process, TOG participated by nabbing my camera and documenting the event!

The beginning:


The end:

The results 

Except it wasn't really the end. Not at all. We put everything away and about an hour later, there came a mighty crash as the tree fell over, spewing water and ornaments throughout the living room. Although the Festive Disaster Response Team (FDRT) arrived forthwith, nothing could be done to save one little angel who went, prematurely and with great fanfare, to her eternal reward (and then there were three).

After an hour of wrestling with the tree amidst wet towels, pine needles and scattered ornaments, it was finally determined that the new stand (this is only it's second year) cracked and the tightening bolt thusly stripped (on the tippy side) and will not tighten. Off to the hardware store at 10:30 PM for a bigger bolt. With the tree once again upright, your intrepid blogger declared that she wasn't hanging another flippin' ornament until the tree resolved to stay upright for 24 hours. Thus, this is what the tree looks like as of 5 minutes ago:

The next day 

Although this story could be easily construed as an argument for an artificial tree, Asthmagirl wishes you would lean a little closer... a bit more.... yes, that's it! Surely you can smell the pine-y scent wafting so gently from her hair. Her whole house smells like that! It's very festive! [this scent was incidentally acquired via an hour under the dripping tree cursing the stupid bolt]

And now for the happy announcement:

Asthmagirl has known this person for a very long time. Back in April, she wrote a letter to this person, detailing the wonderful impact this person had on her daughter (the youngest one with the disability). Two weeks ago, she and this same person had a fabulous time at the football game. Now... this person has succumbed to the siren call of blogging and dipped her dainty yet eloquent toe into the blogging pool! You may find the writings of my friend Tammy here. I hope you'll take a moment to visit her and cheer her on! I'm betting you'll find her as delightful as I do!

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ Recovering from a tree disaster is traumatic. Perhaps I need more ornaments???