Tis the season

Dear Festive Co-workers,

You know I'm all about the holiday season, right? The wreaths on everyone's office doors are fabulous and I enjoy a beautiful tree, a mug of cider and a Christmas carol as much as the next person... possibly more. So when I bring the following items to your attention, let's agree that I'm not saying it out of Grinch-i-ness. I think it just bears discussion...

Three holiday potlucks? In two weeks? Seriously? Two lunch potlucks and one afternoon potluck... You don't really think someone's going to be whipping up 3 batches of deviled eggs in between all the other obligations that are happening this month?

I say this because that's not the only activity we have going. This is in the midst of our departmental holiday parties, our after-holiday party, our secret santa gift exchange AND our holiday food drive for the food bank...

Please, lets be reasonable and not wear ourselves out being so festive. Some of us need to retain enough energy to go home and make Christmas cookies.

Love, Asthmagirl

PS ~ Although if we wanted to have a cookie bake off...? I could probably muster the energy for that!