Happy Anniversary!

Today's the big day!

This morning we're off on a great walk before breakfast. Beacon Hill park is huge and has a to-die-for view of Washington State. You can read about the park here.

Beacon hill park

For Breakfast, possibly here... It's the cutest little tea room and their scones are to die for... like I need more food after what I ate on Christmas!

And then we'll likely head west toward Hatley Castle and Fort Rodd. Although not that far out of town, traffic falls off a bit and there's some lovely shoreline as well that boasts a variety of sealife including otters and swans. The view of the strait is awesome and even on a winter day, worth shooting. The last few times we've visited, there have been deer in the park. They're a little shy, but might hold still for a photo!

Out that way is the oldest pub in BC, Six Mile House, which boasts 150 years of history including the Candian prohibition. Who knew? They have some delightful food but we've only eaten there a few times. I posted the menu because hey, it's all about the food, right!

Before dinner, we'll trek back to the hotel and visit these folks. One of the few spas that is low odor and doesn't cause my lungs any grief! We'll be getting massaged... I can't wait.

We'll likely cab it over to this place tonight... One of our favorite places and some of the best ales ever made. They also make fabulous dog biscuits and just to shake things up, have their own chocolatier. They make great "stout" chocolates to take home. It's our favorite anniversary place!

And tomorrow we head home. I miss everyone! Even the naughty Brute Squad!

Asthmagirl out!