So relaxed!

It's about the second day here that I finally start to relax and sleep well!


Today we'll go for a walk before breakfast, and see if we can get a view of the mountains in Washington State. The hotel has a great buffet but we may just pick up some muffins and juice and eat on our balcony!

Then maybe a swim in the pool and a nice walk to some shopping and then possibly lunch here. It has a great reputation, and oddly, we've never eaten there. The one time we tried, the kitchen was closed. Then we ended up being seduced by the great food at The Irish Times!

Sunken garden 

This evening, we will likely go out to this place. It's not much to see, but you know... to while away a few hours! This is actually one of the coolest things. Throughout the 50 acre gardens, they do a lit display of the 12 days of Christmas. It's challenging to capture on camera, and this year I'm going to bring my tripod so I don't shoot blurry pics. We stayed at a bed and breakfast a few years ago owned by a German couple. The husband was all very disapproving about the huge displays and how they 'hung a light off of every flaming surface' at the gardens, but each year they went and took their visiting relatives!

Then I think I could do with a cider when we get back to the hotel!

So... what's up with you?