Off we go!


By the time you read this, we have left for Canada. Why Canada you ask? Well there's a few reasons...

  1. Their money is prettier than ours
  2. Sometimes the exchange rate is pretty good (right now... yes!)
  3. You can still get in and out of the country without a passport
  4. They have great brewpubs and great pub food
  5. The kids feel guilty and put away all the Christmas decor while we are gone (Thank you K2 and K3!)
  6. Twenty eight years ago, we were silly enough to pledge our troth marry on December 30th. In hind sight, I think I would have married on virtually any other day as it is 'high season' rates to go anywhere on your anniversary and many places are booked
  7. There's no limit on the amount of luggage you can bring by car. Asthmagirl is not known for packing light. She has one tote that's nothing but asthma stuff! [then there's her huge purse, her tote bag, her camera bag, her luggage, her shoes...]

So... off we go with a trunk full of luggage and visions of relaxation and slowing down for a few days. I have very few plans. Last year I was excited to take the camera up north... this year I'm a little mellower, but still looking forward to great scenery and the time I'll have to relax and shoot!

In preparation, I'm outlining posts that will "go off" while I'm in Canada. I hate to think of folks visiting and seeing the same old thing each day. I hope you'll join us on our little jaunt. I'll provide some links so that you can see what's doing while we're up there and some background info on the area if you're interested.

Here's where we're staying tonight....

Here's how we got here!

With any luck, we could be eating here.... 

If you do visit while I'm gone, feel free to drop me a line and I'll catch up with you when I get home, eh?