Peace arch 

Today we are recovered. TOG worked a 7pm to 7am shift on Christmas so both of us were exhausted last night. I don't sleep well ever, but sleep comes much harder when I'm the only one "on duty" at home. Thus sleeping in until 7:15 was a huge deal this morning!

Today we'll prepare for our annual trek to Canada for that most festive of celebrations... The anniversary. We've been married quite a few years now, but for the last eight, we've celebrated in Canada. Initially for for the slower pace, the great scenery and the excellent food; but for the last few years (since my acquisition of the dreaded asthma), it's also proven an excellent locale for my finicky breathing.  

Ironically, it's also the home of the elusive and charismatic Baroness! Hello Dearest!

So, at some point today, I will create few posts that will strategically go off while I'm away enjoying the charms of my beloved. If I run low on time, they may end up being "remarkably similar" to some posts I've done in previous situations... although I will strive to be... original!

So... what will you be doing between now and New Years?

Asthmagirl wants to know!