There's snow. And then there's news...

Did it snow? Oh yeah. It snowed from about 3pm yesterday. It snowed "powder"! And the wind blew the powder around. The results? Drifts...

Here's the back yard...

Dec 08 

Here's the front... facing the sound.

Dec 082 

There's Big Red. You can't even see where the curb is. The weird thing...? Because of the wind, there's virtually no snow in the trees. So no power outages in our area yet. Currently, we're enjoying freezing rain, which is putting a nice glaze on things. But that should turn to snow soon. I saw flakes while I was out shooting this a few moments ago.

And now for the news. Ready?

I'm going to be a grandma.




I don't even know how to prepare.

What will they call me to differentiate from the other grandma? Grandma Asthma?

"I want to go see the grandma that wheezes"!

Gotta have fun with it!

Still, I'm becoming that most beloved of persons in a child's life. The grandma.

Oh, the responsibility!

Good thing I've already mastered the baking of cookies!

Ya gotta play to your strengths!

Grandma AG out!

PS~ It's a balmy 29 degrees here. We're going to see if we can make it down the hill to the main transit arterial and then to the Seahawk game.... where we would literally freeze for 4 hours. Or the ice layer might be so bad that we can't make it. Stay tuned!