The Young and the Listless


Christmas lists both frustrate me and thrill me. For years around Thanksgiving, my step mom would start asking what was on the girl's list and I'd drive myself nuts trying to remember something they said they wanted. Now that they're older, I think they're easier; their needs are less specific and they're pretty much happy with anything! So even though I have vivid memories of how challenging it can be to come up with a separate list for someone you're already buying for, I also get how exciting it can be to get one....

....because each year, my youngest daughter makes me a list. Part of her disability is "the list". Oh, and "the schedule". The order in which things go is very important to her! She's gotten pretty good at getting it to me also! She used to hand write them and now she types them out on her computer, saves them to her flash drive and downloads it to my computer. This year, she changed things up and printed out her list, pausing to underline the things she REALLY wants and then placing the list face down on my desk Thanksgiving night so that I'd have it for the the day after Thanksgiving sales! She is an organized soul! And there's no guess work about what makes her heart go pitty pat!

Where I really struggle though is when someone asks me what I want. It's virtually impossible for me to come up with something specific. Occasionally, something pops into my head... like the mandolin I wanted last year.


This year, I can't come up with anything. The things that would thrill me are not really grant-able... like full funding for disability services in my state (not going to happen) or an easing of my asthma so that I can do more things I like (again... not going to happen). Mostly, it just makes me uncomfortable when people ask me what I want. It's silly, I know... but I figure if someone knows me well enough to ask, they must know that kitchen gadgets are probably the easiest way to make my heart beat faster!

How do you feel about lists? What's on yours?