Thanks for playing!


Thanks for playing Name those Chihuahuas! After much deliberation, whining and obsessing, the judges finally agreed on the winning names. With a nod to their origins in New York City, say hello to Brooklyn and Queens! Names submitted by Meg!

I have to tell you, this was harder than it looked. I really wasn't expecting all the creativity and humor that popped up! Y'all submitted so many names that it was a challenge to get through them all. It's worth noting some fun contenders that the judges wrestled with...

Honorable mentions:

Thanks for making me laugh and giggle y'all! Meg... a little snail mail addy will have your prize on it's way to the northern climes!

Now, if I visited your blog this morning and did not comment (annie) it may because Blogger is still giving me the finger. But only sometimes. When it feels like it. I hate Blogger.

I'm off to prepare for work. I think my stomach is ready!

Asthmagirl out!