Just for fun!

So last Friday, (before the weekend whipped my butt!) I came home and found a mysterious package on my desk. It was mysterious because a) everything I ordered on-line had already arrived and b) the return address was from Santa Claus... in New York City!

With visions of "Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" in my head I began opening the package. Imagine my surprise when I finally reached the inner core and pulled out these little beauties!


Let me just say... I LOVE THEM! These two little Chihuahuas are absolutely adorable! Even the husband thinks they're fantastic and he never understood the Fred and Bessie visit!

And I must tell you, that I know who Santa Claus is! It is none other than Daryl! She of the fantastic photography and beautiful Indian scarves! She says she thought of me when she saw these and she was kind enough to send them my way, knowing I'd give them a new home! Thank you so much Daryl! I love them!

Chihuahua three 

There is only one downside here. These two little charmers lack names. Every attempt at guessing their names has failed. And Maddie is not talking! We just don't know who these little cuties are! I am left with no choice but to turn to you for inspiration! Please look at these little faces and give these Chihuahuas a name!

The contest runs through Wednesday at 7PM Pacific time. At contest end, I and a jury of my fellow cookie bakers (the daughters) will argue until exhaustion takes over and we agree on the names for these two. The winner will be announced Thursday and some sort of suitable prize will be winging it's way to the winner. Enter as often as inspiration strikes!

Asthmagirl out!