Whatever sucker punched me on my birthday is continuing to wreak havoc on my head and stomach. Taking one tylenol every two hours seems to help the head. The stomach is just iffy. We'll leave it at that. Hence, I missed imom's holiday party. Ugg, not what I had planned.

We did get the anticipated snow last night. I know many of you live in areas where this is common place. We're about a half mile from the water (Puget Sound) here and maybe 400 feet above sea level. It just doesn't happen that often for us. So there's a lot of anticipation. And a lot of incompetence. We don't have many plows and folks here lack significant experience driving in this stuff. So there's a trend around these parts to wish for snow but hope it doesn't stick around for long!

Here's a pic out our front window this morning. We're sitting at a balmy 28 degrees.

Snow and ice copy 

I know. It doesn't look that bad. But that street is a sheet of ice. And there's no way off of it without tackling a hill. The weather dudes are telling us that we're going to be below zero for the next week as well. I hope the city can find our little street and address this over the next week... but I doubt it.

Off to find something to eat that doesn't make my stomach roll and clench.

Asthmagirl out.

PS ~ Tune in tomorrow. I may have enough energy to stage a contest!