Pass it on

Last week, the lovely and charming Ms. Stacie (who also happens to be an excellent runner and photographer) awarded me the following...


This is one of those awards where I can totally see why Stacie won it, but I'm not so sure I'm in the same category! Stacie tells amazing stories with tons of detail and humor. If you haven't visited her, it's totally worth the click!

My job now is to pass it on to five deserving people. I think I could pass it on to a lot more, but I'm all about the rules this morning so here we go...

If you haven't visited Snooty, go. Go now. Like Stacie, Snooty tells amazing stories littered with spark and sass. She'll tell it like it is, every single time!

Dlyn is another one of my favorite stops... amazing cook (apple cheesecake pie anyone?), fabulous photographer and wonderful writer all rolled up into one. And she's got the only camera I would ever trade mine for! (and she's having a contest today!)

If you missed Tammy's30 day alphabetical NaBloPoMo last month, you missed a lot! Great snorting-rootbeer-through- your- nose stories. The thing is, she has those kinds of stories all the time!

Next is the Queen, who tells wonderful side splitting stories about the Taters and her in-laws! As if that wasn't enough, she has two of the cutest Chihuahuas ever!

Finally, there's David, who's kindness and warmth far exceeds his ability to hear. If you haven't ventured north of the border for this blog, you're really missing out!

As always, I know there's folks I've missed but I'm hoping these folks will continue to spread the joy by awarding this to other deserving bloggers!

Finally, I just want to take a moment to remember my grandma whose 95th birthday would have been today. My other grandma died young, so this woman was the only grammy I had. It wasn't until I was older that I realized that other grandmas didn't drink beer and curse or build blanket forts in the living room or teach their granddaughters how to mix a mai tai. I never saw her bake a single cookie or knit a sweater, but she did teach me how to cook a crab, make cakes from scratch and climb a tree. She was utterly fearless and honest, and I still miss her.

Have a great first day of December! Asthmagirl out!