Pay it forward!

Yesterday I opened a package that I got from the lovely and talented Flea, Mastermind of the Traveling Bovines!

Within the package lay two things; my Fred and Bessie mug for hosting the beloved bovines these past weeks and a gift I can't wait to rhapsodize over!


I don't know what is inside the plaid, but it feels like little dried peas. Apparently if you put it in the microwave for a minute, it heats up and is good for headache and stress-in-the-neck and what not. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this. Seriously. Give me a minute to explain....

When Flea emailed me about it, she talked about how it would smell, and would I be able to handle it. My asthmatic lungs clenched, because most smells slaughter my lungs. In the end, we hoped my lungs could handle the mixture she was going to use to fill it. When I opened the box last night, I was a little nervous, but there was no overwhelming scent to be found. I held the plaid to my nose and inhaled gently.... Oh my gosh...It smells WONDERFUL. Sort of like a soft wintergreen. No harsh smells, no nothing that made my airways clench the slightest little bit! I know it's hard to explain, but when you have to live in an unscented world... when you've purged your home of candles and air fresheners and perfumes so you can breath.... to have even one thing with scent that you can enjoy, that doesn't send your lungs screaming for an's just the best! Thank you so much Flea!

Now it is my turn to pay it forward! If you will leave a comment below, I will have the cows draw three names for a gift from me to you. This will be their last weekend with me, so they're looking for something fun to do! In the meantime, I will rack my brain for a fun (non asthmatic) gift that I can send to three lucky people. I'm open to suggestions!

Flea, thank you so much for letting me play with your cows! And thank you for the lovely gift.

Asthmagirl out!