And now we heal!

I woke up this morning feeling more hope and possiblities for our nation than I have in a long time. Although the race itself had us sharply divided, I'm thrilled that so many votes were cast based on hope and optimisim rather than fear and anxiety. I'm even hopeful that this race changes how candidates run elections in the future... I'd like to believe that we'd see less of the negative campaigning that divides us and more campaigning that's based on bringing folks together to work on our common goals. Because I'm all about optimisim! Ask the Old Goat! Sometimes I'm unbearable!

So this morning, hope intact, I got up and wrote a check for $31.00 to a certain disability agency. I wish it had been more.

I hope that we as a nation are now going to heal the divide that seperated us into two camps over the last year. Optimist that I am, I believe that we can do more than we think we can. And that prompted me to go to my photo archives for this picture... A street performer in Victoria (I love the street performers!) who sets his volunteers down in this circle and then lays them back and then removes the tiny stools they were setting on!

Impossible 2 

Because even though things appear to be impossible...


You have to belive your own eyes!

I'm excited to see what is coming our way!

Asthmagirl out!

PS ~ Colorado defeated the sales tax initiative which would have funded services to people with developmental disabilities. Sigh...

PPS- I had a very dear family member offer to match my 31 dollars so this morning I donated $93 to a certain non profit. Another lovely person is making a donation in her state to a disabilty service agency! I love how this has brought folks together. Thank you everyone for helping me to make a meaningful donation to people with disabilities. Thank you!