We interrupt this blog....

... with a special message.

Without a doubt, everyone knows it's election day. But I cannot contain myself. The only thought I can express coherently today is to urge you to vote! It's your vote! No matter who you're supporting, go to the polls and get to votin'!


As a public service, and an effort to keep my sanity throughout the day, for every comment I receive before midnight stating that the commenter has voted (intent doesn't count) I will donate one dollar to a certain disability agency in support of youth and adults with disabilities! Because dammit, they're worth it!

Now get to votin'! (and commentin'!)

Asthmagirl out!


For the first time in my long voting career, I waited in a line to vote! It was great! I got a sticker and everything! One of the other managers is going to match my comment donations today! Come on folks! Comment for a cause! You've got two suckers on the line now!

Ps~ If you live in another country and you voted in your last election there.... I'll pay for your comment as well!