I love this picture... even though I'm beyond puffy from the prednisone and my hair is so short, I had my favorite people around me and it was such a happy moment. So much has changed since this was taken, including the fact that I'm not sick as I write this! But when I look at this picture and see the joy on everyone's face, I have one thought.... I think I'm ready!

Last night I started putting out some of the holiday decor, much earlier than I usually do. To me, it's an indicator that as we leave November behind us, I'm ready to embrace what December has to offer.

In all it's silliness and joy... In all it's milestones that we celebrate (birthday, Christmas AND anniversary)... in all it's secrets that must be kept... in all it's 'to-do-list-i-ness'... I'm ready.

One of the underlying reasons behind this year's optimism? I'm finally feeling really confident that my asthma is not going to kick my ass like it did last year. And that alone will make this holiday season so much better than last! I've worked out the last two days, and the lungs are feeling great! Like it's July instead of November!

I know... it takes so little to bring out the optimism... but happy lungs are functional lungs and mine are ready to take on the season!

Are you ready?