Prelude to a list

Good morning. I am on vacation! It feels so good to be sitting here in my bathrobe and slippers and have no sense of urgency about having to get ready for work! Now, if only I didn't have to walk all the way into the kitchen to get my own coffee!

I've read a number of lists today... bloggy friends telling us what they're thankful for! Bravo! I'm doing mine tomorrow. Because I'm feeling awfully saucy today in my robe and slippers, I thought I'd give a well aimed elbow in the ribs to the things I'm not thankful for. That should help folks compare and contrast my upcoming list tomorrow!


Things I'm not thankful for, 2008:

  • People that stop their shopping carts suddenly in the middle of the grocery aisle and leave it there while they go look at cheese balls... you're unbelievably rude (unless you're 80 and then it's fine). Pull off to the side so people can get around you. You're not the only person in the store
  • Spammers
  • The selfishness and greed that lead to our current economic situation
  • The high cost of groceries
  • Insurance companies that tell you a small claim won't affect your premiums and then they shoot up sky high.
  • The insanely high cost of drugs compared to what those same exact drugs sell for in Canada. I feel like I'm paying more than my fair share.
  • The fact that my state is forced to make a 30% cut in disability services, likely 2500 people with disabilities losing their services.
  • The size of my behind which is likely to get worse given my projected diet over the next few days.

And there you go. I want you to know, I really had to work at that list. It's hard to be negative (for me) even as I watch our economy sputter and cough, even as I contemplate what recovery might look like... I have hope. And lots of it. I'm a total sucker for the theory that the overwhelming majority of people are good and the rest of them ruin it for us by blocking us with their shopping carts!

Okay... enough of me being a nut! I'm heading over to the cooking blog now to post about sweet potatoes! You should visit!