Football games and friends

Yesterday, was yet another football game. TOG was working so my friend Tammy was nice enough to go with me! As you can see the weather was beautiful...


Not very warm. But beautiful!

As we left the field and made our way to the elevator for the express to the nose bleed section (where our seats are!)... Guess who we saw? YES! Really! It was so odd... I couldn't find him for two games and then I bumped right into him! Hawk Daddy and Mini Hawk!

Hawk tammy 

I like the green shirts better than the white shirts! Word on the street is that he's going to be giving out blue candy canes next month!

Finally got up to the top level and this is the view that greeted us...

The view 

The mountains were beautiful! The cranes? Not so much!

We had a great time watching the game however I busted out the camera at one point and you know what? It's easy to take a bad picture of yourself! Here's the proof! Nostril shot anyone?


Fortunately, I redeemed myself just moments later!


Even though we lost, it was a really fun day with good friend!

Now for some updates... Pay it foward gifts are going out today. I didn't get them finished until Friday and then packed up Saturday and then the post office closed 10 minutes before I was finished addressing them. So today for sure!

On the cooking blog... a twist on something traditional for your thanksgiving! And easy to make! Enjoy!

Asthmagirl out!

PS I tok K3 to see Twilight again last night. It was definitely better the second time for me!