It is on

November morning 

(mt rainier, friday morning)

I started my online shopping last night. Good progress has been made thus far. I'm holding back a little bit this year because I suspect I may get some better online deals if I wait. There's some risk involved, as I don't want to cut the shipping thing too close and end up going into a store that has scent! Overall though, my goal (as it is every year) is to a. find out what people secretly want and then find it for a bargain and b. get done early so I can focus on my baking! I'm starting to get cookie requests already, but I'm trying to hold out because once I start baking, I can't seem to pull back! I may need a recovery program!

In other news, many of you wondered why I hadn't reviewed the Twilight movie. The answer is two-fold. I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't seen it yet AND I'm a very analytical creature.... there are a lot of folks seeing it on pure emotion who love it. And then there's me who takes 13 minutes to tell you what worked and what didn't. Here's what I'll say: if you loved the book, you'll find a lot to love about the movie. However, it is not a cinematic masterpiece. It's a beautifully filmed movie and there are a number of moments that are true to the book (and only a few jarring changes) and many of the emotions from the book are well handled and very satisfying. Then there are a few moments that are so empty of purpose that I couldn't help wondering why they weren't cut in the editing room. Ah well... over all, out of 5 stars, I'd give the movie 4.... if you read and loved the book. If you saw it cold, you might not be as aware of some of the nuances.... you may not appreciate it as much. 

In cooking news, the stuffing recipe (such as it is) is now over on the cooking blog! How to make Thanksgiving stuffing! Stop in and see how I over-analyze stuffing! Still to come, sweet potatoes and maybe a few other dishes!

Lastly, time to go eat and get ready to go. TOG has to work today and can't make the football game so I'm going with my friend, Tammy! Good times!

Have a great Sunday! Asthmagirl out!