What time is it?

*Asthmagirl just spent 30 minutes rescuing this morning's post from the swirling votext that is Typepad Editor. She no longer has any additional patience for editing... what you see is what you get!


Asthmagirl has had an interesting last 24 hours. She is just barely functional enough to recall the following....

  • Advice from techie land: If you place a tech call and tell me you're having a certain issue, I will trouble shoot that exact issue. That is how Asthmagirl is built. If you happen to reveal the full story, I'll troubleshoot what's actually wrong and get things fixed a lot faster. (note to self: ask more questions, don't take things at face value) Time spent chasing ghosts yesterday: 6 hours

  • If you have to go wait in line to see Twilight, take Asthmagirl's daughters. Not only did we arrive WAY early (somebody, *cough... K1... cough*, was in a butt rush), but she did bring UNO cards and we sat in front of our theater playing cards and laughing and joking with each other! It was fun! And we were the first ones into the theater so arriving early was actually a good strategy!

  • If your beloved calls you at 10:30pm to tell you he's going to be working until 6am because there's no one to cover grave yard, you should immediately turn into Shaggy from Scooby Doo a nervous wreck and get a blanket to sleep in the recliner downstairs so you can be the first to confront 'the perp' when he bursts through the locked and alarmed back door. Because, yeah... there's some sort of beacon that goes off announcing to your wretched back yard neighbors that there's no one there defending the castle except for a

    neurotic, insomniac, blond with a miniature Brute Squad. Oh... and said Brute Squad totally picks up on your vibe and throws itself into frantic attack mode every time it hears a noise like...mmm... the furnace kicking on or the cat walking into the bathroom. It makes for a restful night...

  • When your youngest is too overcome with Vampire lore, haunting music, and meaningful but tortured glances between star-crossed young lovers, resign yourself to the fact that no one is going to draw a name for your anniversary contest like you planned. Suck it up and embrace the Random Integer Generator for the modern miracle it is!

    Random Integer Generator

    Here are your random numbers:


    Timestamp: 2008-11-22 15:34:14 UTC

    So yea! Number 5! Woo Hoo! *confetti* *clapping*

    As a convenience, and because counting is hard she is exhausted Asthmagirl will now reveal the winner so that you do not have to sift back to the anniversary post and count comments. It is the delightful and highly entertaining Mrs G! Yes... She of the Mancake, 5K ass and hand knit scarves! Congratulations Mrs. G! A little contact information and the anniversary gift shall be winging it's way to your talented hands!

    And finally, we come to the portion of the post wherein Asthmagirl claims to be alert enough to finish the Pay it Forward gifts. That and she's actually semi committed to posting Thanksgiving recipes. Starting with stuffing. Check back later when she's actually got enough coffee in her to complete another post. It will be this weekend, this she promises!

    Asthmagirl out!

  • PS- The stuffing recipe is up over on the food blog...!