A belated celebration of sorts

With all the hubbub around Fred and Bessie this week, I had an occasion slip by me that I had intended to celebrate with y'all.


Yup! It's my one year anniversary with this blog! It kind of snuck up on me in more ways than one... this summer flew by so quickly and with the election and other news, I've been a little distracted! But when I looked at my stats this morning, I was kind of overwhelmed... 365 posts, 34,000 page views... Wow.

But for me, the blog has been about far more than stats or comments...I'm amazed by how much this blog has enriched me, and while I don't want to sound too dorky sentimental, I must admit, it's played a really important role in my life over the last year. Not the blog itself so much, (although I did find it helped me to emote at times!) but the fact that it enabled me to know people I would have missed otherwise. There have been several factors in my life in recent years that have added up to a less than spectacular social life. This blog has been such a conduit to other people, other places, other experiences! If I spent the rest of the day at the keyboard, I couldn't begin to tell y'all how much enjoyment I've got from meeting you, from listening to you, viewing your pictures, laughing with you...!

So it only seems right that I celebrate... with a giveaway. And yes, I have something in mind! And since I still have to ship my Pay it Forward gifts, what's one more!

So, leave me a comment telling me your best experience over the last year... I'll have K3 pull a name out of a cup (where's Fred and Bessie when you need them) tomorrow morning!

Have a great day! Asthmagirl out!