Spotted cows and other joys!

Smaller than a chihuahua 

Fred and Bessie have been spotted again! I thought for sure they were going to swing by Sally's house in Colorado after she set that chocolate trap for them. Did they ever show up, Sally? I only ask because there were no sightings for Monday night/Tuesday. I wondered what had become of Flea's little cows....

Then this morning I read the Queen's website and there they were! I'm a little concerned that they seem to have run out of butter already (they took 4 pounds when they left here) but at the rate the Chihuahua Underground is moving them, I think they'll be in New York with Daryl by Thursday or Friday! Hopefully she has stocked up on dairy products!

In other news, here at Procrastination Central, I'm beginning to think I might get my Pay It Forward gifts out the door by Friday morning. Nothing like waiting until you feel too guilty to stand yourself!

Finally, in technology news, I bought my tickets to Twilight online through Fandango. One, I wanted to make sure I had seats (I'm taking K1 and K3) and two, when I buy it through Goodshop, my non profit gets a rebate. So I finally complete the transaction and this little box pops up that says "announcement sent to Facebook account- (my name) just bought tickets to Twiight! What in the world... how did Fandango know I had a facebook account. So I raced over to see and it's NOT there. I don't know what it was all about, but it's kind of unnerving when your Fandango persona starts chatting with your Facebook persona without your permission.... What's next, my Ticketmaster persona talking to my bank account? "Here's a show we think she ought to see... what's her balance? Great! Let's buy these for her and let Facebook announce it to the world. Is Twitter in league with us yet?"


Asthmagirl out!