Sleep cycle

Pier 4 

My sleep cycle is not adjusting to TOG's new hours yet. He used to be home by 11pm. This gave The Brute Squad time to greet him, get a puppy biscuit and settle back down for the night. Now he doesn't get home until right after midnight. So if I go to bed at 11, I barely have time to settle dogs and start drifting off to sleep before he comes thundering into the house. Then I have to wait until everyone settles again, usually at least 12:30 before I can start trying to drift off again.

Apparently this lost hour is crucial...Since I'm usually up at 5:30, I become more tired throughout the day. By the time I've made dinner, I can barely stay awake to eat it! Then I wake back up at 8 or 9 and do laundry and dishes and can't get tired until 11 when it's too late to try because I'll just get woke up again at midnight. It's crazy!

So last night I was trying to stay awake and talk with TOG, but since he'd just worked the last 4 nights of the crazy schedule, apparently I was too exhausted. I slept until 10 and then could not get back to sleep until almost 1. I'm not seeing an end to this cycle.

Anyone with a crazy sleep cycle that keeps you up nights? What do you do?

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ Apparently we do not know where the cows went after they left Mamahut's in Utah. I know they're making their way to Daryl in New York, but they could be anywhere by now! Check out Daryl's missing poster for a description!