Cow update

I'm starting to get a clearer picture of what happened with Fred and Bessie's sudden disappearance. I had no idea this was even possible, but Maddie finally spilled the beans yesterday right after I got this email from the cows...


We R fine. The little dogs got us 2 Oregone fast. We can't wait 2 see Utah!

Apparently, Fred and Bessie asked the Brute Squad to help them get to New York. Wanting to help their little bovine friends, Maddie and Cassie organized some sort of Chihuahua underground and they had their friends moving the cows from town to town. It seems that this is what all that twilight barking has been about... The cows apparently spent their first night down in Oregon at Cassie's mom's house and now they appear to be on their way to Utah...

If anyone in Utah sees two cows with a skate board, a screwdriver and a large amount of butter, can you let me know that they're okay? They may be accompanied by one or more Chihuahuas.


Signed ~ Worried Hostess