Goodbye to Moo....

I got up this morning and Fred and Bessie were gone! GONE! Maddie won't even look at me...

Look away 

I suspect that the Brute Squad may have played a role in the disappearance of the cows. The Brute Squad's twilight barking, the huge amount of missing butter and chocolate and the fact that I can't find their skateboard anywhere are all adding up to a long journey. My final evidence? This note that Cassie delivered to me while I was sipping my coffee:

We R gone. We lov U butt we want to C New York. We wil write.

As sad as I am, I'm really grateful for the wonderful memories I have of their visit with us. If anyone sees them on their travels, please let me know they're doing okay! I'm kinda worried!


Asthmagirl out!