More about food...

Crazy part two, the food issues continue~It must be a theme this week!


I have a staff meeting this morning. And not just a staff meeting, but 3 stops to make on the way to the meeting to pick up a fruit tray, fresh bagels, 2 dozen scones, a pumpkin loaf and coffee from Starbucks. I already have two dozen muffins and two twelve packs of orange juice in my trunk.

We only have staff meeting once per month, and I told my boss when he came up with the idea that I wanted to handle the food for the first meeting. My theory... people will come to a mandatory meeting with less reluctance if there's good food to be had, and lots of it. In the 8 months since I implemented my theory, I've reached two conclusions:

1. No one else is going to take over the catering because no one else is crazy enough to make it "perfect" every month. The glamor of leaving your house at 6 am to pick up your food orders at 6:30  wears somewhat thin for those whose sanity is intact and functioning.

2. Laggards and bad-mouthers can be transformed. Those who kibitzed and moaned the loudest about staff meetings are now waiting for me to arrive at 7:15 with the food. I am met at the door, and phrases such as "May I help you set up" and "Here, let me carry that for you" are now bandied about in sing-song voices as I am ushered from my car to the refreshment tables. By the time set up is complete, a quarter of the feast has been concealed or eaten by my eager volunteers. You are now considered "late" if you approach the table at 8:00am as "the good stuff" has either been devoured or hidden in desks and coat pockets to be consumed throughout the day!

So now that I've laid the ground work, anyone that wants to take over food acquisition for next month's meeting is going to be welcomed with open arms. Anyone? Hello?

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ I'm not sure what is up with Fred and Bessie? They've been huddled up with the Brute Squad big time... and there's a lot of my butter missing (I was stocking up for holiday baking). And what's with the Chihuahuas going out to bark every night at 10:00? It sounds like a Chihuahua festival out there!