And the beat goes on...

I worked late last night, I still have residual tech issues at work that are throwing off my groove. We had another storm roll through last night that threw off Maddie's groove. She's currently shaking in my lap.The storm seems to be affecting the asthma too as I woke up feeling tight. Lovely.

Tammy tagged me to do this meme a couple days ago. I should have done it when I was well rested and had happy lungs!

What are your nicknames?
Di, Blondie, Lunger, AG

What TV game show/reality show would you like to be on?
I don't know. I don't think I've seen enough of them to know.

What was the first movie you bought in VHS or DVD?
I can't remember. Possibly a Disney move for VHS. I think it was Young Frankenstien for DVD.

What is your favorite scent?
I can't do scent anymore. I threw all my perfume away after my asthma called a halt to all things smelly. Same with laundry stuff, personal hygiene stuff and cleaning products. I do like baking smells and the smells you get hiking in the mountains. The beach is a good smell.

If you had one million dollars to spend only on yourself, what would you spend it on?
I'd pay off our house. I'd probably save the rest of it or set up a trust fund. My youngest daughter will need resources after we're gone.

One place you've visited, can't forget and want to go back to?
Pretty much any place in British Columbia or Alaska.

Do you trust easily?
Unfortunately no. Although I remain a very optimisic person...
Do you generally think before you act, or act before you think?
I generally over think before I act. Acting before I think gets me on a zipline course...
Di zip

Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
Struggling to get my body to do some of the things I wanted to this summer. I'll try harder next year.
Do you have a good body image?
Meh. Five years of steroids has changed many things everything about my body. I'm doing what I can, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to bring it back to pre-asthma status or size. Overall though, I feel good about efforts surrounding my health.

What is your favorite fruit?
What websites do you visit daily?
newspaper, favorite blogs, yahoo, Goodsearch
What have you been seriously addicted to lately?
Political and Financial news, for sure. Also cookies.

What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
I think she's very zesty.

What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
Mama told me not to come
Favorite clothing?
Atheltic wear... which tends not to rub and irritate the incision on my leg.

Do you think Rice Krispies are yummy?
What would you do if you saw $100 lying on the ground?
Check out the area to see if someone was looking frantic. Turn it in to the police.

Items you couldn't go without during the day?
Inhalers. Chapstick. Comfortable shoes.

What should you be doing right now?
Getting ready for work.
Anyone that wants it can have it! I'm off to work!