Looking forward

I'm sitting here waiting for the agency that is doing my home physical to arrive. I'm not allowed to eat, but I did have a cup of coffee. I'm no barbarian!

Halloween glare 

In Halloween news, we're ready for a quiet night tonight! As opposed to previous years when we'd bust out the candy and welcome all our neighborhood ghosts and goblins, we've slowly moved away from that tradition. Part of it is due to the age of our kids, but most of it is due to the fact that K3 and I are here alone and in this new neighborhood, we don't feel so safe opening the door to strangers. With 1 house break-in, an assault victim and 3 car break-ins in 3 years, not to mention all the syringes and even the loaded pistol clips we've found in our yard, we're more inclined to keep a low profile.  I'm considering taking K3 out to a movie, but I'm reluctant to leave the Brute Squad home alone with all the yelling in the streets and what not. Anymore, I just feel sad on Halloween because it's one of my favorite holidays. I'm hoping that when we move (hopefully in the next year or two) we'll find a place where we can begin enjoying the holiday again!

Fiona cow 

In other news, tomorrow brings the month of November. And I hesitated a little, but at the last minute decided to do NaBloPoMo.... National Blog Posting Month (note the return of the NaBloPoMo badge on the side bar). The challenge is to do 30 posts in 30 days... the entire month of November. I did this back in March (the month of lists) and April (the month of letters) and really enjoyed it. You can read more about NaBloPoMo by visiting their website. There's information there on how to sign up. Please leave a comment if you are participating... I'd love to stop by and cheer you on!

Pirate maddie 1 

And lastly, I'm really hoping I'm on the upswing lung wise! I realized last night that one of the first things I lose now when the lungs fade is my camera. I've not taken a picture in over a week. The saddest part is that I didn't realize it until I started feeling better. Yet one more reason to shun asthma and choose health!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween!