Rather than write another coherent post, I've decided to just use bullet points (ala mama)

  • $430 to fix my daughter's back window that got shattered by a rock in downtown Seattle last weekend. Kind of expensive night out. It's the 4th car break in she's had...
  • I can't look away from the election news. I've even given up my comedy on the way to work to listen to POTUS radio.
  • XM has a channel for everything
  • Tomorrow is my physical for the new life insurance I applied for. I need to appear as a healthy asthmatic.
  • I should have applied for life insurance in June
  • I can't find my new voter's card
  • Do you think they'll let me vote using my old one?
  • I can't find the energy to sweep the kitchen floor
  • I did find the energy to put a chili in the crock pot
  • I feel guilty about the running shoes I bought that I haven't even used yet

And on a lighter note....

Tail envy 

Do you think the younger male has tail envy? Do you think the female is impressed with either of them?