A day in the life of a lowly techie...

Mountain Sept   

I snapped this picture last week. The sky... the light... the base of the mountain... Yummy! I was late for work as I pulled over to capture this! This morning, I'm finding it calming to look at.

I'm not sure I have much of a brain today... certainly not much of a post. But I do have a cruddy attitude... I had a series of unfortunate technical events yesterday. Even today I'm in doubt of my ability to exude compassion or intelligence...

One of our wireless access points began a death spiral yesterday morning, which means half of our laptop users had no network or internet access. In the course of trying to download software to upgrade it, the server crashed, which begins the phone calls and knocks on my door of folks telling me they don't have email and they can't get into the database and then my blackberry starts getting text messages that the remote sites can't remote into the server... I know. I know... I 'm working on it. Server back up... but no intranet and the the VPN is still down, however email is restored. The access point is toast, I can't even log into it to copy the settings. Off to the store to buy a new access point... will have to cobble together some settings to try to replicate the dead one. Get back... Blackberries are no longer recieving emails. Boss leaving town today, reminds me that he needs his blackberry. Yes, you're right... it's important. Log into the server... all exchange passwords appear correct but permissions have been reset. Headache... headache. Finally pushed the access point to one side, got all the services running and the blackberries back up. Today I still have to reset the network password permissions for all users and construct the new access point. I was going to do the access point last night but I would have had to take my wireless network down at home and Girlfriend was online studying for her nursing exam... Thank goodness, because I really didn't want to work on anything technical anymore!!!

Days like yesterday remind me of when I first came to work there and they didn't know I was a geek... we would wait for 3 days for a tech person to show up and solve something. Now that they've compelled me to deal with all the tech issues... 5 minutes is too long to wait. To be fair though, we've exploded tech wise... 2 remote sites... almost 30 laptops, 30 workstations, wireless access, network printers, remote access, blackberries. We've become much more dependent on our technology and people almost don't know what to do with themselves if they lose email for even 5 minutes.

I think I need to find a way to broadcast when we have a failure though. Doing diagnostics in the server closet with people calling down the hallway "has anyone seen AG? Do we have email? Can someone page her?" I ASSUME people know that is something fails, I'll go to work on it right away. Even when they see me literally running down the hallway toward the server with my keys in hand, they're calling out "hey... my email doesn't work and I can't find my database". No kidding. Really?

See... crappy attitude. I'm off to find my Mary Sunshine. She's in here somewhere!

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ Yes Baroness... it's days like this that made me seriously consider your offer last night!

PPS~ If one more person calls me a Maverick this morning....