Fred and Bessie work it out

This week, Fred and Bessie asked to go to work with me. Knowing that my office is all the way at the end of the hall and doesn't get much traffic, I asked my friend "K" if they could hang out with her where there's a little more action!

Fred and Bessie promised to be on their best behavior and arrived with their ever present skate board (which Bessie is addicted to)...

Cow 1 

Fred eventually lured her off the skateboard by sticking his hooves in her new tropical flip flops! (talk about addition, Fred will not put down the screw driver!)


Fred and Bessie clowned around so much that "K" didn't get any work done and was forced to leave them with an over night assignment (and a supervisor)! Who knew that Fred and Bessie excelled at paperwork?


The next day, they were back to their playful selves (in spite of not much sleep) and busted out the bowling balls...

Cow 5

Bessie was trying to show Fred how to do it but he said he already knew!

Cow 6 

"K" said she didn't notice much until Fred started bowling. Apparently he rolls the ball much harder than Bessie and it kept hitting the vase they were using as a back stop.


Which of course, the cows enjoyed!

Before they left to come home for the weekend, the cows enjoyed an ice cream treat, courtesy of the clerical department who they enterained so well with their antics!

Cow 4 

Thanks K, and the entire clerical department for keeping the cows enterained and out of trouble!