A fine state of affairs...

My doctor sent me a list a few weeks ago. A list of things he reminds me I need to take care of. Number one on that list is a mammogram for my lumpy breasts. Yes, it's time for the Girls to have "their yearly". Sigh. Hopefully there are no HAL's (Huge Ass Lumps... Hi Stacie!)

Normally I'm very compliant (cough) with what my doctor asks of me. Yes I am. YES I am. Because if I wasn't, Dr. M would no longer trust me when I tell him how I'm feeling over the phone and I would spend a lot of time commuting to his office instead of enjoying the delightful relationship we currently have. (For the record, if he says he wants to see me, I go no matter what. That's part of the deal!)

Where was I? Compliant! Right!

So have I made the appt for the Girls? No. Am I going to do that today? No. Tomorrow? No.


Because I just got the bill for my leg surgery and my insurance is not covering it. Even though office visits are covered and I had the leg worked on in the surgeon's "procedure room".... not an office visit. Not covered. This is the new insurance that my nonprofit chose because of rising insurance costs. It has a large "donut hole" of deductible that must be paid before additional benefits are available. Unless it's a doctor's appointment. Those are covered at 100%. Everything else is subject to the donut hole. Since I have to have my girls done at the Cancer Center, I'm now clear that it would fall into that same hole. The black hole of "not covered". Not covered at all.

I even went so far as to ask TOG what it cost for the Girl's trip downtown last year. I must have had a horrified look on my face, because he reminded me that I'd had work done on the Girl's lumps last year by the doctor (Vlad the Impaler) with the crappy bedside manor. Eeek!

So what is my plan? I plan to wait and see what TOG's insurance looks like when he's enrolled next month. I hope it will cover the Girl's specialized care. If not, I'll try to wait until after the holidays which will give me time to pay off the leg. And hope I don't get sick before then and have to explain to Dr. M why I haven't done it yet. Uncomfortable.

Even as I write this, I'm aware that stories like this are part of everyday life for a lot of people. I know many folks that put things off financially, stall and juggle, and make decisions that don't always feel right. But it sucks when you have to do it with health care. I hope the Girls understand. 4 weeks and counting until TOG is insured...

Asthmagirl out!