File this under...

...things I'll never do! Not because it isn't cool, but because this would be the worst place in the world to have an asthma attack!

Yesterday, Girlfriend (K2) and her friend "S" went skydiving. No one asked me what I thought of the whole thing, but Girlfriend was very sensitive to my feelings... she listed me as the emergency contact should the worst happen. God, I love that kid!

Here they are at with a last hug for luck...

Sky 7 

And then in the plane... I believe there's some anxiety here...

Sky 8 

Here's her "jump dude" coaching her not to look...

Sky 0

And here's my girl falling out of a perfectly good plane!

Sky 6

Apparently, it's all good... however, she's still hanging on to her harness. (which I understand have scared myself zip lining!)

Sky 4 

However, Girlfriend notes that it is a little hard to breathe up there. Unless you remember that you have a nose. So she just screamed!

Sky 3 

She did have fun though!

Sky 2 

She notes that they came in really fast on the landing... faster than she expected.

Sky 9 

She's thankful that Jump Dude successfully opened the chute!

Sky 10 

Just looking at the pictures is enough excitement for me! However, Girlfriend insists this is not the end of her jumping career. Great... just great!

Asthmagirl out!