In the midst of having 10 days off, albeit almost totally dedicated to bonding with TOG, I've managed to give thought to this blog, it's purpose and my goals for it in the coming year. Many of the blogs I read made resolutions (which are great but don't work for me) and set goals for this years blogging. Many are fun blogs with contests including embarassing moments, photo guessing and captioning.... Many shoot quality photos that I will not likely produce at least in this new year. All of this compelled me to ponder a few items that will help me to set goals for this year. What do I want to do with the blog? Entertain? Inform? Emote? Reveal embarassing secrets? How much time can I give considering my other obligations... a full time job, a consulting business, a child with a disability, a husband who works a different shift, my fantasies about learning photoshop....

Mostly, I need to look for ways to balance my life. Partly because I'm goal oriented, partly for my own enjoyment, partly because I have a demanding (yet mundane) life and lastly because I have a chronic disease that feeds on stress. And as one of my mentors would remind me, out of balance lives don't accomplish great deeds. I know he's right, but sometimes the demands in my life lower my goals to merely accomplishing dinner!

Although I'm hesitant to show folks what a list geek I can be, I am going to publically lay out a few of my goals for the year. I had K2 read through to see if I sound too geeky or out of touch. She assures me that I sound like my usual Super Mom complete with fluttering cape! Well, now you'll know me for what the dork that I am!


1. I am going to lose 10 pounds this year. I am combining this goal with reducing some of the fats in my husbands diet and encouraging my youngest to master more cooking skills.  I will do this by taking the following steps:

  • I've purchased two new cookbooks and started choosing recipes with my daughter.
  • We'll set goals for new things for her to cook, and we'll set aside at least one Sunday per month to cook and freeze so that dinner is easy for her.
  • We'll create shopping lists for these selected recipes and substitute healthy ingredients as needed.
  • We'll also lay off the store bought cookies and make healthier versions at home. That way we won't feel deprived as we embark down this new path. 25% completed.

2. By February, I will have carved out exercise time each week so that I can start bike riding earlier this year. Bike riding is important to me... It was one of the first activities I took up after my diagnosis to prove that while I had asthma, asthma didn't have me. It also helps me get in shape to hike and increases my pulmonary health. 0% completed

3. By February I will have made an appointment to sit down with my asthma dude and ask for a plan to help me stay off of prednisone for a minimum of one year. As of today, I have had a month of prednisone with all the lovely side effects: insomnia, bloating, body aches, heat flashes, night sweats and indigestion. I can no longer accept that something more can't be done. 0% complete.

4. By March I will have laid out a list of hikes that I want to complete this year. 0% complete.


1. I'm going to continue to blog. I like it and think it helps me to organize my thoughts and experiences. I wasn't super clear why I started doing this except that I'd bought the domain name after TOG encouraged me to create a website and I just hadn't used it. I really do enjoy it though and I will eventually evolve more direction in terms of content and purpose. 75% completed.

2. I'm eliminating any goals around bike rides or asthma walks. I know that my top ride is about 40 miles and I'm not going to stress about being unable to a 200 miler. I just can't. This year I will only bike for joy and to prepare for hiking. 100% complete.


1. I already have goals set at work for performance this year. By the end of this week I will have set new goals for personal and professional development. 50% complete

2. After much consideration, I've decided to continue my consulting business for at least another year. This means the first 6 months of the year are going to be quite busy. I plan to dedicate at least 5-6 hours per week in pursuit of these goals. 90% complete


I'd like to add one additional family activity per year. I'm looking at something for my daughters and I. This is not fully developed yet. 10% complete.


1. I will spend one hour per week on my office at work, getting it more organized. I started this in December and estimate that I am 50% complete. When I finish, I will do the same with my home office.

2. By April, I will complete a task that I have been putting off for two years. When I get it done, I'll admit what it is.


Beginning this month, I'm going to put half of my consulting income into savings and investments every month. 100% complete


By spring quarter, I will set aside enough time to commit to either a photoshop or photography class. Just for fun.

By summer, I will have either created a second page for my blog devoted to recipes or created a second blog for that purpose.

And I'm going to continue kissing the Chihuahuas every day.