Animal Planet part two

Please bear with me while I adjust my regularly scheduled post in favor of something timely and important.


I realize that this is a little off topic considering my more traditional posts, but I feel it must be said: This man is an animal (on the field)


Although I traditionally wear my husbands discarded Lofa Tatupu jersey (Lofa Rocks! see below)


I would happily wear a Kearney jersey. He is such an intense player on the field and it's a joy to watch him play!


Such great energy! The lovely thing about him is that when you hear him after the game, he is so calm and articulate. Just a really smart guy that throws on a football jersey and gets super intense about what he does.


Thanks to the whole Seattle defensive squad for a great game! You guys are awesome! Thanks Patrick for being who you are and making football fun! Seattle is lucky to have you!

Special thanks to Josh Brown for signing my hat before the game. That was a beautiful 50 yard field goal you kicked in the 1st half!