Balancing Act

I'm pretty predicatable. I hate feeling crabby like I did after I posted last night. It makes me seek out the happy stuff just to restore some sense of balance. I don't see how people can go through life being perpetually crabby. Sometimes yes, but for me, I need balance so that even when I tip to the dark side, it doesn't take long to recover the happy, smiling Asthmagirl!


With that in mind, I want to thank Pam at MapperSnapper for the award you see on the bottom left side bar.

Although I haven't known Pam that long, I've come to admire both her photography skills and her sense of humor which is laugh-out-loud funny! Pam's joys in life are many and varied, There's always something on her site that's delightful, humorous, fun or insiteful. To me, Pam is one of those people that quietly flows into your life and you can't imagine that you haven't been friends for years and years. To have Pam create an award for her blog buddies is just like her; creative, thoughtful and inspiring! I have to say though, she's done other things that I found just as touching...


Thanks Pam... Sorry that it took me 2 days to figure out how to install the award on my site. Just a word to the masses; always check your code. It's not as perfect as you think it is! I was *this close* to e-mailing Type Pad when I decided to check the code one more time! Very humbling!

Have a great day!

PS ~ Hey LHGTUTLATSFU! Thanks for the message! Hey K1... Hope you are feeling better. You need to be recovered enough for the superbowl!