My tastes have changed... or not!

Again, I've gained inspiration on my trips through blog land...

Lately, I've noted a lot of conversation regarding food and the things we like or dislike. It likely has a lot to do with the fact that I just started a food blog and I'm noticing these comments a lot more! Or that the superbowl is this weekend and many people (like me) put on a spread! Or that Pioneer Woman has been posting tasty recipes!

For instance Asthma Mom's aversion to cheese can only be compared to my previously undisclosed loathing of tomatoes or Hallie's very public hatred of Chicken Cordon Bleu. These feeling go beyond what my Grammy taught me to say (in a lilting texas accent)- "I'm sorry, I don't care for peas". It's all I can do to hold back a shudder when I see a live tomato, and if you think you have a prayer of getting me to eat one... When we lived on a remote island in Alaska, tomatoes were very expensive, so my parents were firm on my eating them. On top of hating the taste, I found the slime oozing out of the sliced tomatoes rather off-putting; I was always trying to push my other food away from the gunk. My mother tried to counteract that by pouring sugar on the tomato and ruining the sugar. Then she went to 'you'll sit there until it's gone' and I found that I had nothing but free time to spend lolling at the table! They finally accepted that it was better not to waste the expensive tomato on me!

Then there's Pam's tale of loving shrimp until one fateful day... very sad. Other tales abound of food once eaten but no longer (pickles and onion rings...). When I was pregnant with my second I covered my sweet/salty cravings with chocolate ripple ice cream followed by a garlic dill pickle. I don't think I could do that now... Yikes!

Then there's food I wish I liked. Cucumbers... They're so pretty and they smell great. I put a slice in my mouth every summer, hoping that it has changed. But no. I try not to spit it out too loudly. I wish I liked Feta cheese. It's on freakin' everything anymore it seems like, and it's just not my favorite. Pesto... no can do... I think it's the pine nuts.

And finally the things you couldn't eat before but can now. I hated peas when I was little, love them now. Same thing with honey.

So there are my questions: What can you no longer eat? What can you eat now that you never could before. What could you never eat under any circumstances?

Inquiring minds want to know!