I haven't called you that in years, but that was in fact your nickname the first year of your life. If I'd been reality based, I would have called you chub-Lynn! You were so very round... but then, I don't think you ever went longer than 20 minutes without eating!


You had the sunniest personality and smiles galore... until someone crossed you and then you had the vilest temper I have have ever seen in anyone under 3 feet tall.

When you were 9 months old you fell off the couch with the remote in your mouth and knocked your two front teeth perpendicular to your gums. I cried all the way to the dr's knowing that you would be disfigured for life and it was my fault for not watching more closely.

You arrived in less than 3 hours of labor start to finish and that was the last time you were ever in a hurry! You mastered the concept of fashionable and fashionably late early on:


It's hard to adjust to how much you've grown!


And there's times when I just want you to stop so I can catch my breath....


But the rest of me is so excited for you to finish nursing school so you can buy you some shoes and not have to run around barefoot and embarrass the other nurses!


Happy Birthday Bug-lynn! Hurry home so we can have ice cream! Ice Cream Lieutenant Dan! Ice Cream!