Two for one recipes

Stop by the cooking blog today for two recipes in one! or the link on the left under Asthmagirl Likes:

This is something I make for myself when I'm feeling lousy because it's such a feel good food and it's not super hard to make. In fact, like many of my soup recipes, it would be really hard to mess up because you can pretty much add or delete whatever you like and still end up with something tasty!

My breathing continues to improve (short but enthusiastic happy dance) however the crud has settled in my throat. It sounds like I have swallowed an 80 year old smoker with bronchitis. This is definitely something I do not want to take to work with me and spread around. It's also in my sinuses and I got up twice last night to see if my left eye was in fact swinging by a thread or at least buldging grotesqely like one of those bubble eyed goldfish. Not that I'm dramatic or anything! Or pathetic. I just want this stuff to be done with me and move on.

For some added excitement, it is snowing at my house. Since we live about 400 feet above sea level and I can see puget sound from my upstairs window... that's pretty unusual this close to the water. I won't bother taking a picture because it's barely a glaze on the patio... Although it did throw Maddie for a loop when she went out at 4:00 am (hey, I was up anyway!). She kept trying to sniff it. I think she's forgotten what it was like last year, when we had to scrape part of the yard for her! She was young then and could only wee wee on grass! This year she's like "whatever! I gotta go"!

So, in honor of snow... here's what it looked like last year at Casa Asthmagirl. It's nothing compared to when I lived in Alaska, but I've learned to cherish what little snow we do get!