Today's post is neither long or profound... but it is happy!

I'm winning! The new drug therapy seems to be working. My lungs are not in full recovery, but my breathing scores quit dropping last night and this morning I am seeing slight improvement! I slept for about 16 hours which probably helped as well!

Thanks to Hallie for sending instrutions on the happy dance! I tried it out this morning (briefly) and have yet to produce any rain or snow. It snowed twice yesterday, but nothing that stuck, it just looked good coming down!

Hallie, I saw the wiener-mobile for the second time yesterday and after viewing Pam's pictures which showed the license plate, I checked and it did say "wiener" except spelled "weener". Is that what the plates on your car say? Sadly, I did not have my camera with me so there's no photographic evidence...

Because I'm upright and feeling happy, I'm posting this lovely pic of me and the girls and the doglets during the holidays. Wheeee!