Things that make you go hmmm...

One of the hardest things about blogging (for me) is the disclosure thing. I read a lot of entries where people are sharing heartfelt meaningful things, and I so admire them for that ability or willingness to share. I understand that part of people's ability to connect with you is based on what they know of you and what they can identify with. All that to say, there are many things that I have chosen not to blog about, and somethings that I have said, "I will blog about that later". Therefore the things that I do blog about are the easy things. I'm not one to be taking the easy road 100% of the time, so I'm going to challenge myself to do some tougher blogging.

Because of Pioneer Woman's post yesterday, there are folks examining what they are scared of this morning. So of course I'm going to go against the flow... Here are the things I'm not scared of:

I'm not scared of a lump in my breast. I've had so many lumps in the last 5 years, it's old news. I now have to get scanned at the cancer center (good times there, people) because the mammo machine in my area can't handle my boobs (You can't handle the boobs!). Plus, I often end up needing additional boob maintenance (yes, I have high maintenance boobs... they're not just for looks!) and they can do it right then at the cancer center instead of waiting two weeks. [asthmagirl apologizes to any men that may be reading this who think it's TMI]

I'm not scared of my lungs failing me. Even though I have family members (who shall go un-named) telling they'll cut my lifespan by 10 years at least! They still respond well to therapy and I know so many people who have worse lungs than I do. Besides, my doctor scans my lungs every year so I know their status. Not worried at all.

I'm not scared of horses. I choose not to ride anymore because of my kidney. The last time I rode, one of my kidney's detached and went on a sight seeing trip in my abdomen. It also stopped functioning. I had a ton of tests and was finally referred to a surgeon who could fix it. I had to lay on my back for 6 weeks after surgery to help the kidney scar in place on my spine. In case the stitching ever gave way, the scar tissue would hold the kidney in place. But the kidney did start working again, so I'm still a two kidney girl!

I'm not scared of car wrecks. I probably should be since I've been rear-ended 14 times. For a while I thought I had a target on any car I bought. But it's just good luck. I think being rear-ended consistantly keeps me out of the worse stuff. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. 

I'm not scared of white water rafting because I did it last summer and I didn't die. So even if you're phobic of water, white water rafting is actually enjoyable! I'm not saying I'm phobic of water... I'm not saying...