Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that I'm really good at resolving issues. Need a letter written to your insurance company? Mystery charge on your credit card? Dreadful customer service at your hotel PLUS no hot water? I'll handle it! Via phone call, email or letter, I'm really good at getting matters resolved. I don't yell, scream or make threats. I try to work towards the solution I want...

On Jan 8th, I bought something online. The online store said "we ship within 3 business days". I almost looked for a better deal because the shipping was high, but in the end thought "well, at least it will get here quickly". I signed up for email updates with the post office but didn't hear anything (not unusual unfortunately....). Then on January 18th, I recieved an email that the item had just been dropped off at the post office. What???

So I shot the vender an email:

Dear XXX,

When I purchased the item from you, your ad stated the following:
US Postal Service Priority Mail®
Usually ships within 3 business days

I purchased on Tuesday, Jan 8th. I just received confirmation of package being dropped off at your post office on Friday, January 18th. And I paid nearly $25 for Priority? In my opinion it's a little unprofessional to charge that much money and not ship it for 10 days. I'd like to ask you to adjust the shipping costs since I now won't receive my products until next week at the earliest. If I'd paid $5.00 for shipping, I wouldn't say a word, but for $25.00, I expected prompt shipping

I got this first:

Hi, the manager of the store is away. The store is STILL RUNNING, WE ARE STILL SENDING OUT ITEMS NORMALLY. Please note the following - It takes 5 BUSINESS days after payment to ship out your items. We will also not be able to answer individual email about shipping status. IF you do not receive your item after 3 weeks, send us an email titled accordingly and we will answer those. make sure you send the email with a title that requires attention. if we send you the wrong item, don't worry, we will fix that for you. And we will resolve EVERY PROBLEM with you, including REFUND if you happen to not receive your item or do not want your item anymore.  Manager needs to be on vacation, we will be back in February 2008. We do occasionaly try to check email while on vacation. See you!

Then this:

hi, our store states that it takes 4 business days to ship, it should be 'dropped off' at the post office on about Jan 16th which is 4 business days, when the post office is at XXX it means it is being processed by the post office, not us. your item should be there shortly

I'm not that impressed with their customer service (or grammar) at this time, but feel they may have missed the point. So, attempt #2 at reason:

I realize it is now in the hands of the post office.
I copied and pasted what your ad said... three days not four. And you shipped in eight business days (not counting the 8th, the day I ordered or the weekend). Even at you estimating your ad saying 4 days, 8 days is still double the time you allow yourself.
I still assert that $25 in far too much for this slow shipping performance.

I got an immediate response:

yes, you paid $20.98 in shipping, not $25. as a courtesy, we can offer a $10 refund is shipping, please let us know if this is satisfactory to you, and also we trust that you will remain a happy customer.

There's no way they can possibly think I didn't keep the documentation... Can they? Attempt #3...


I'm just going by what it says on my purchase reciept...
Purchase: 70.99
Shipping: 24.48
Total: 95.47

Oddly enough that is the exact amount drawn on my card for payment. Could your calculations be off?
I appreciate your offer of a $10 dollar rebate on my shipping. In return, I will not mention the shipping issue in the feedback section

That was three days ago. I wonder if he's offended that he couldn't con me. At this point, I think his integrity is in serious question. Or am I being too harsh?