Khava and Annie

Due to our schedules, The Olde Goat and I do not see much of each other during the week... unless I stay up late, or he gets up early, our communication is mainly via email. Thus when Friday night rolls around, we often go to the pub to relax, have a great meal, catch up on each other's week, plan the weekend, oh... and have a pint. I stick with cider while TOG likes to explore craft ales.

Two of the reasons that we go to our favorite pub (aside from the very tasty reasonably priced food and lovely beverages) are Annie (l) and Khava (r). It just would not be Friday night without the two of them.


Going beyond customer service is just not something you see everyday. Annie and Khava excel at making people feel comfortable. They remember names, faces, likes and dislikes... They also share a love of chocolate, food, and ale, so they're easy to talk to...and they're tons of fun!


For the holidays, I brought in Christmas cookies every Friday. Occasionally, Khava and I trade food. Yesterday I brought her sourdough turnovers and she brought me these. Um... they're really good! I'm not sure I have words for how good they are. Khava, if you're reading this... YUM! I owe you!


They're talented too!


And personable!


Thanks Khava and Annie. You ladies make it a joy to be a 'regular'! I know you hated the picture taking. But you deserve some recongition for being the lovely folks that you are! I promise not to bring the camera in again... For a while...

[Editor's note: According to the Pub Dude (Michael?) it's okay to use their name. I don't like doing that unless I have permission. The Olde Goate and I prefer to hang at Elliot Bay Brewpub. Seriously good food and lots of it for a reasonable price! Great Craft ales and Guest Ales on tap! Really, REALLY nice folks behind the bar. And I did promise to mention that they have gentlemen working there as well as ladies. I don't do gender discrimination; we just always see Khava and Annie! Their website is]